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Self-Registration is available for customers who have policies written by:

- Environmental Casualty
- Lexington Insurance Healthcare
- Lexington Insurance Property
- Lexington Insurance Programs
- Specialty Workers Compensation (SWC) - Please register for MySWC before registering for RiskTool. SWC customers should follow the follwoing instructions prior to self-registering for RiskTool:

1. Complete the registration process on the MySCW site
2. Log in to your MySWC site
3. Click the "Register for RiskTool Advantage" link (there are 2 links, make sure to choose this specific link)

If you are not certain if your policy qualifies for self-registration or are experiencing problems self-registering, please contact the RiskTool Help Desk at:

- Email:
- Phone: 1-800-639-1920 (USA & Canada Only)

RiskTool Companion Application

The RiskTool Companion Application for the iPad® is an extension of the RiskTool Advantage web application. The iPad Application is available at no additional charge from the App Store℠. In order to use the application you must be a registered RiskTool Customer User with a valid Username and Password.

RiskTool allows customers to conduct assigned Inspection Checklists and associated Corrective Actions either online or offline on their iPad. When completed, data can be synced with the web application where reporting is available.

Future releases will include functionality to allow customers to take advantage of RiskTool’s First Report of Incident (FROI), Accident Investigation and Training Center functionality.

Watch the RiskTool Companion Application Video (still branded as Chartis for the time being)

Safety Training

At Risk Consulting Resources, our insured's have access to state-of-the-art, web-based training materials as well as on-site training sessions provided by seasoned professionals. Our safety training provides employers with the ability to better prepare employees to undertake and understand job responsibilities in a safe and controlled manner. Training also provides added benefits for employers to fulfill compliance with various legal requirements and mandated standards. So, whether your organization would benefit from personalized on-site training or you prefer interactive, web-based individual training, Risk Consulting Resources can provide you the resources to enhance your loss prevention efforts and programs. Risk Consulting Resources has partnered with several organizations to provide our insured's below market discounting for web-based safety training.

- Risk Consulting Resources Safety Training Videos

Click below to learn about Risk Consulting Resources Safety Videos that can be assigned, performed and tracked within RiskTool:

English Version


Spanish Version

- CLMI ResourceNow


- Risk Consulting Resources Training Institute

Training is also available for different industry segments to fit your company's needs. Contact your Casualty Risk Consulting representative to find out more about these training systems or to request a no-cost demonstration; or, email us below for more information.

- Contact Us

Transportation and Road Safety

Whether you need on-site training sessions delivered by seasoned fleet professionals or desire interactive, web-based driver training, Risk Consulting Resources helps AIG insured’s keep up with the ongoing tasks of road safety. Whether your needs are geared towards new drivers or refreshing the skills and knowledge of experienced drivers, we have the right program “on-demand.” Risk Consulting Resources, through our strategic partnership with Alert Driving, can offer interactive driver training with modules filmed on locations in 40 countries and provided in 48 languages. Our training modules are available at reduced and discounted rates to AIG insured’s to support a wide range of driver training needs.

To learn more: Transportation Impact Solutions

In addition, Risk Consulting Resources also offers the following web systems to support road safety.

- Best Practice Assessments in RiskTool to assess fleet safety
BPA's are a quantitative methodology of assessing the effectiveness of management road safety programs and processes.

- Fleet Management Systems
Risk Consulting Resources has established relationships with various Vendor organizations who have developed state-of-the-art fleet management monitoring systems and products from 1(800) How’s My Driving to telemetric products to effect driver behavior change and improve operational efficiencies. Some of those organizations include;

- DriveCam
- SmartDrive
- Green Roads
- Qualcomm/Fleet Advisors
- SafetyFirst
- SafetyAlert
- Drivers Alert

Training is available for different industry segments. Contact your Risk Consulting Resources consultant representative to find out what training is best suited to your company's needs, or, email us by clicking below to get more information or to request a no-cost demonstration.

- Contact Us

Product Management and Supply Chain

Product safety standards, consumer expectations, import/export restrictions, and requirements place demands on producers to meet rising standards and to minimize associated liability are considerable. How do you respond if you have just moved manufacturing from Munich to Jakarta, or you are exporting from Mumbai to California for the first time?

We have all witnessed the recent worldwide attention focused on dangerous or defective products running the gamut from pet food and children's toys, to pharmaceuticals and automobile tires. Considering the millions of products on the market, the number affected may not seem overly worrisome. However, if it was YOUR product - or perhaps simply a component your company provided for a finished product - the numbers could be devastating. The same holds true for products that fall victim to malicious product tampering or accidental contamination. The cost of recall can be crippling to an organization when factoring in the initial recall, related business interruption, business rehabilitation, and consulting and legal fees. Consumer trust in your product is invaluable and regaining that trust following a negative product safety event is often the greatest hurdle a business can face.

Product Safety

Over the years we have all witnessed product failure in one form or another. At AIG, we believe solid product development procedures can address potential failures and guard against related incidents and claims. In line with this, we offer our insureds via our strategic partnership with Human Focus, a virtual toolkit of web-based training materials covering product risk assessment, labels and information, standards and legislation, and much more.

Supply Chain Management

Your product or business is only as good as the components put into it. AIG understands how supply chains work - and what happens when just one link is broken. In order to help our clients better manage risk in this vital area we offer access to a supply chain service for product safety called “Safe Supplier.” Safe Supplier educates and then assesses each supplier in the supply chain to establish the standard of their product safety risk management system. The system is available in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Training is available for different industry segments. Contact your Risk Consulting Resources Consultant to find out what training is available to you, or email us below for more information about the discounted cost-products or to request a demonstration.

- Contact Us

Property & Asset Protection

Through RiskTool Advantage, AIG offers a number of support services to assist clients in more effectively protecting their property and reducing their risk of business interruption. These services include;

Best Practices Assessments

Risk Consulting Resources (Risk Consulting Resources) has risk evaluation tools to rate each of your operations against best practice standards. Our Best Practices Assessment provides a quantitative evaluation of existing loss control activities and business protection measures.

Assessments can be updated during subsequent visits to measure progress. Results of assessments can be analyzed by facility or grouped in terms of your entire business. Web functionality allows corrective actions to be viewed and monitored.


In addition to best practices assessments, Risk Consulting Resources maintains a secure database of industry sector survey data. This data is available to help our clients benchmark loss control performance and arrangements against local and worldwide peer groups.

Technical Library

Risk Consulting Resources has a comprehensive library of proprietary risk engineering technical data sheets covering the information you need to increase your knowledge in areas such as Arson Control, Fixed Electrical Inspections, Sprinkler Design, Fire Detection, and more.

Impairment Notification

Depending on the nature and location of your business you may be provided with access to one of our Impairment Notification Systems. This makes it easy for you to inform us of any impairment to your protection systems.

Report Repository & Recommendation Tracking

We can provide password protected access to your property survey reports. These can be made available for and to each location you choose through Risk Consulting Resources. Recommendations from surveys can be viewed for each location. Recommendations can be assigned to different locations and individuals and tracked to completion. Corporate and site managers can use the analytical features to view recommendations by type, category, location, and open / closed status.

Compliance Management

In today’s risk aware environment, keeping current with legal requirements in even a single jurisdiction can be a challenge. However, almost all businesses operate across multiple jurisdictions; whether their primary operations are in multiple locations or countries, or whether by virtue of suppliers or customers located in different jurisdictions compliance requirements will be manifold. Realizing how difficult this can be AIG has provided resources to support our customers:

- Legal Library: Within RiskTool Advantage there is a treasure chest of legal resources providing guidance on legal requirements and practical support. This typically consists of links to the most useful information provided by regulatory agencies around the world.

- Legislative Database: Covering 70 countries, this database identifies and summarizes EHS Legislation. This database is updated continuously to ensure information remains current.

- iEHS; A “premium” service provided to insured’s who wish to identify specific legal requirements such as periodic filings, industrial hygiene, monitoring requirements, or environmental testing for their given industry and location. Once identified the system can be used to assign ownership of these tasks to individuals within the organization. The system will then track that actions have been completed allowing the organization to bring some greater certainty to their global compliance management.

- Risk Consulting Resources Property Services

Contact your Risk Consulting Resources consultant representative to determine what training and/or services are best suited to your organization, or email us below for more information.

- Contact Us

Survey and Recommendation Tracking

To be developed

Claims Services

Candid testimonials from AIG clients, agents and brokers describe how, when recent disasters struck, AIG was quick to mobilize its resources, deliver its promise and provide a fast response and critical relief to help businesses, people and communities recover and rebuild.

AIG Claims Testimonials

The Global Claims Relationship Group partners with brokers and clients to improve customer service and ensure superior claims experience for both clients and brokers. The Group is comprised of regional resources who act as the single point of contact in their region for claim issues. In addition, we offer resources dedicated to Construction, Environmental and Small Business.

Global Claims Relationship Group

- Excess Claims Summary

AIG provides to our customers a summary of closed Excess Liability Claims for review and analysis.

Excess Claims link (csv file)

- Claims Defensibility

Controlling the costs of claims is a major concern for all employers. Our international consultants can help companies test their existing systems for scenarios which could potentially lead to an opening of the claim floodgates, or prompt a series of spurious claims. Programs are delivered by Risk Consulting Resources’s in-house consultant staff and supported by third party legal providers who can assist with the introduction of practical methodologies and training. To learn more click on our Claims Defensibility product profile.

Claims Defensibility Services


Mitigating Cyber Risks

While AIG is here for clients when cyber attacks occur, the best way to protect against them is to prevent them in the first place. CyberEdge® takes cyber liability protection to the next level, providing clients with complimentary access to three loss control tools to stay ahead of the curve: CyberEdge RiskTool, AutoShun®, and the CyberEdge Mobile App.

Together, these tools round out the comprehensive risk management solution AIG provides CyberEdge clients today. With CyberEdge from AIG, clients receive the tools and responsive guidance to complement their IT defenses and stay ahead of the curve.

CyberEdge RiskTool

CyberEdge RiskTool is a single, web-based platform that helps clients streamline the risk management process. The platform’s content is customizable and can be tailored specifically to meet a number of risk management needs.

Risk management modules include, but are not limited to:

- Security: Provides an interface where an IT department can manage a company’s shunning technology, AutoShun® which blocks known "bad" IP addresses from communicating with a company's network.
- Training: Includes pre-populated training content and tests, with an online assignment engine to deploy employee training and awareness with the click of a mouse.
- Compliance: Pre-loaded security policy templates that can be accepted or modified to fit a company’s needs. If strong corporate security policy is already in place, existing policies can be uploaded and tasked to employees or third party vendors to confirm receipt and acceptance.

Learn more about CyberEdge RiskTool
CyberEdge Mobile App for iPad

The CyberEdge Mobile App for iPad combines the latest cyber news, opinion, and risk analysis with real-time updates on data breaches, to put all cyber-related information at a user's fingertips. The app is available for free on the App Store℠.

Learn more about the CyberEdge Mobile App for iPad

AutoShun® is a simple proactive way of improving your security through a hardware device. Operating in real-time, AutoShun stops an attack by blocking inbound and outbound communication with known “bad” IP addresses, thus keeping them out of your network. This provides another critical layer in your defense plan.
Learn more about AutoShun

CyberEdge: Tools for Tomorrow
With CyberEdge from AIG, clients recieve the tools and responsive guidance to compliment their IT defenses and stay ahead of the curve. Watch the video below:

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Real-time cyber news, information, and analysis at your fingertips: Free CyberEdge App for iPad

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